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I have taken study in Albino species...

SOME animal species are noted that , mostly felines, have blue eyes
For Example, the Bengal tiger. (neither can be striped or not and having blue eyes.)

Because of it's pigment deformity the albino felines contain, their eyes are naturally blue.

So Felines with plain blue eyes and white fur are allowed.
With Tigers, Black and white fur with blues eyes are clarified as albino.

NO Other Species Please!

-Love Your group owner,
Kinomnoms :heart:
Hello, members! I'm one of your new co-founders, MintyStitch.
Recently, I've cleaned up the entire gallery, as well as the front page, so check around to see what's new! Some folders were put together, some were deleted, and some where newly made. Check the rules on the front page to see the new submission guidelines for the folders!

If you have any questions, let us know!

-- A-M-C
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Rules (Please read!)

:megaphone: Rules and Regulations :megaphone:

Getting started: See how to contribute artwork to a group.

:target: What IS an Albino? :target:

An albino character is a character that has...
:bulletred: White fur
:bulletred: Red/Violet/pink eyes
:bulletred: Pink nose
:bulletred: Fairly pale skin (although tan skin is acceptable), in regards to species such as hedgehogs.
:bulletwhite: White and silver mobians are fairly self explanatory: they are characters who are not albino, but have white or silver fur.

:note: General Rules :note:

:bulletred: No flaming of the group/Members, it will result in your ban.
:bulletred: We do NOT accept traced artwork.
:bulletred: We do NOT accept doll-maker made pictures.
:bulletred: We do NOT accept referenced-to-every-line artwork/copied art.
:bulletred: Please do not submit official artwork, DA won't allow it anyways. If you do, it will be declined by our admins anyways.
:bulletred: We only accept pictures of albino/white/silver-furred mobians.
:bulletred: Most importantly, have fun!
:bulletred: Don't spam or note/comment for your own purpose such as: Contests, Point Begging, User's Absence ETC. - That is not our concern or it does not involved with the group.

:gallery: Submitting Art :gallery:

:bulletred: Must be submitted to the appropriate folder (otherwise it will be denied).
:bulletred: Though Mature artwork is allowed, MOST pictures posted should be all-deviant age friendly.
:bulletred: Cannot contain copyrighted material used without permission (Such as official Artwork). Stock photos, textures, PS brushes, etc are fine to use.
:bulletred: Must not contain anything that different "Sonic Universe" fans would find offensive. (Ex, Anti-Sally fans, etc).
:bulletred: No Hentai/Yaoi/Yuri. We do, however, accept any coupling, gay or straight.
:bulletred: Please only submit four (4) deviations per week.

:deviation: Submitting to the Right Folder :deviation:

Hint: Click on the bold text to go to the folder.
:bulletred: Albino Mobians is for pictures of ONLY albinos, by themselves.
:bulletred: White + Silver Mobians is the folder for white-furred and silver-furred mobians, by themselves.
:bulletred: Multiple Characters is the folder for groups! Two or more albinos/white/silver mobians, Albino/white/silver mobians with non-albinos/white/silver mobians, couples, enemies and families go here.
:bulletred: References is the folder where albino/white/silver mobian reference sheets go.
:bulletred: Cartoon + Game Style includes pictures that are in many different styles, such as Sonic Adventure style, Archie comic book style, etc! Check the folder description for more information.
:bulletred: Albino Chao is where any albino/white/silver-furred chao would go! groups of chao go here as well.
:bulletred: Sprites + Animations + Stamps + Avatars is self explanatory.
:bulletred: Sketches + Linearts is where any sketches, doodle, and inked pictures of albino/white/silver-furred mobians go!
:bulletred: Dr. Finitevus is also self explanatory. Any pictures of Dr. Finitevus from the Sonic comics go in here! We included him since he is kind of a albino, plus he has white fur.
:bulletred: Silver the Hedgehog is a new folder, where you can submit any pictures of JUST Silver the Hedgehog! We included him because he is a silver-furred mobian.
:bulletred: Rouge the Bat is a new folder, where you can submit any pictures of JUST Rouge the Bat! We included her because she is a white-furred mobian.

:+devwatch: Membership :+devwatch:

:bulletred: Membership is opened, everyone is allowed to join!
:bulletred: If you're interested in becoming a contributor, your main character must be an ALBINO. Note us if you're interested!

:police: Reasons Your Artwork May Have Been Denied :police:

:bulletred: You have submitted more than 4 a week, please wait until the following week to submit 4 more.
:bulletred: Your character is neither an albino, white, or silver mobian.
:bulletred: It was a recolored, stolen, or traced piece of artwork.

:star: Group Affiliations :star:

:bulletred: With a Character alone, they have to be silver, white furred or Albino.
:bulletred: Only Color such as red, green or blue are allowed to infillrate. Ex: *adds a certain color*-Mobians Club; Red-Mobians.
:bulletred: Official Sonic character groups are allowed, but they cannot be separated from the original cast.

:helpdesk: Questions? :helpdesk:

:bulletred: Contact the group via Note or leave a comment and we will try to resolve the issue or determine what may have gone wrong.



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Jack-the-hedgehog15 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
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omg I'm not the only one! *tears of happiness*
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Hey, if this is about Albino Mobians, can I submit Archie-based artwork?
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Captor-Variety-Girl Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist… does he count as an albino?
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